In addition to affirming the belief that young people make important contributions to our worship life, we also recognise that they have special needs, so a variety of activities are available for children and young people. The Sunday morning KUCA program runs each week (except school holidays), and provides a range of group based activities for a variety of ages from 3 – 12 years.

The children leave half way though the worship service to pursue the KUCA program downstairs in a specially equipped children’s area. Throughout the year there are also special events, such as Kids Campout, sleepovers, concerts etc. Babies and children under 3 years are very welcome and receive a “Rainbow Bag” each week and there is a special area set aside in the church for young children to play and learn.

Port Playgroup is on Tuesday mornings from 10-11.30am, coordinated by Brenda Williams starting November 14th. Call the church for information or download the brochure below:

Port Playgroup (PDF 674kb)

2 thoughts on “Children

  1. Sarah Wilson

    Hi there,

    My name is Sarah Wilson and I am the Kids Coordinator at Portlife Church.

    I’ve been thinking that all of the kid’s ministers and leaders of churches in our area should catch up for coffee at some point and chat about kids ministry to support each other and share ideas. I think that kid’s ministry is so important, and that we should all come together and create a kid’s leaders community.

    Could you please put me in contact with the person who runs your kids ministry? I’ve seen that you have Kid’s Messages and Children’s Church at your Sunday services. I would love to get to know the person who is responsible for those things!

    Sarah Wilson
    Portlife Church

  2. Judyth

    Thank you Sarah for your encouraging words. I will be in touch with you about getting together, Judyth

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