Reflections from David Ellis on Esther and leadership

Esther Study – “Everyone a Leader”

February 2017 Sermon Series

with David Ellis


1          February 12th Esther 1-2   Psalm 119:1-8


2          February 19th Esther 3-6:1-12   Matthew 5: 43-48    1Corinthians 13:4-8


3          February 26th   Esther 6:13 -10   1Corinthians 12:12-27


The Esther Context

After Jerusalem was occupied by Nebuchadnezzar, the Temple was destroyed and most of the Jews were taken away as slaves. They were distributed throughout the Babylonian Empire. It is in Exile that the Jews in adversity revert to their faith and reconnect with God. Through the heroic leadership of a humble servant girl made queen, the Jewish race was saved and eventually were able to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.

As we consider the main characters in the story we see they are leaders who displayed completely different behavioural characteristics.


The Present-day Context

The Christian church is facing change as attendance numbers are dwindling and churches are closing. What is God calling us to do as individuals and as a church in Port Adelaide?  This sermon series is about challenging each of us to become the part of the body of Christ, we are meant to be. We are not all meant to be upfront leaders, but just as there are many parts of the body so there are many roles for us to fulfill in our church.


The Preacher

David grew up at Rosewater Methodist church and has in later years come to appreciate the influence that “just ordinary” people in the church had on himself and others as he matured in the faith.

  1. Esther: Estha 1

2. Esther :

3. Esther:

Matthew 5:

1 Corinthians:


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