The Uniting Church offers baptism both to those who wish to affirm their faith and Gods love, and to families wishing to have their children baptised.

Baptism links us to the church community, and for those who prefer, a thanksgiving (or blessing) of a child is also offered as an option.

4 thoughts on “Baptisms

  1. Lezelle Williams

    Hi there, I would like my 4 month old son to be christened. The church I belong to only does Baby Dedications and it’s not what we are looking for. My friend, Alexis Grove is a member of your congregation and she said you christen children even if they are not part of the church family. I would love some information on the matter. Thank you

  2. Mati Kirss

    Hi Lezelle, I believe you have been in contact with our office and your baptism inquiry has been forwarded on to the Baptism coordinator who should contact you shortly.
    Kind regards

  3. Rebecca lynch

    Hi my name is Rebecca, I would love some information about getting my daughter christened only she is now 11 years old.
    My grandmother was married in your building more then 60 years ago and now in their grand 90s I thought it would be a delight for my daughter to visit in a special situation too.

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