PAUC relies on volunteers to organise and lead our worship

Guide notes for Worship Planning February – May 2016

At the last meeting of the Congregation it was agreed to begin a new format for worship.

There will usually be,

2   Traditional Services a month (week’s 1+3) – Similar to current services with liturgy, sermon etc.

1   Celebration Service a month (week 2)– More participatory, less liturgy, could include a sermon.

1   Informal Service a month (week 4) – Less structure…………?

1   Messy Church style of worship on the 5th Sunday of a month, – Family centered

The Worship Committee has developed the proposed Worship Plan after examining the Lectionary in the light of the worship structure.

When planning worship please consider using the arts, prayers and music to reinforce the theme for the day based on the set scriptures.


  1. To assist in choosing songs is a website “songlist for  lectionary readings”.
  2. Roots      ** Additional Roots material is available online.   Contact David for details
  3. Seasons of the Spirit
    Both are available in the office worship cupboard. Please photocopy & leave the books in their home.
    Copies of each Seasons of the Spirit are available for the worship Leader of that date.
    They should be in the Worship Plan Tray on the cupboard next to the Orange trays, in the office.
  4. The Worship Plan Options February- May 2016 document is available on the PAUC website.
    One copy is available in a folder, in the Worship Plan Tray on the cupboard next to the Orange trays, in the office.

Please consider which styles of worship you feel comfortable with and nominate yourself either as a leader or as a participant for a service each month if you can.

The Draft Plan will be in the office from Sunday 17-24th January.

The Following File is in PDF format


Please contact any members of the Committee for support or clarification at any time.

With thanks,       Helen Birch, Miriam Brine, & David Ellis 


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